Location Stoke On Trent

Office Size    10,000sqft

IDP had the privilege of working with Browns Distribution to design their headquarters in Tunstall, Stoke on Trent. A leader in the transport and logistics sector they tasked IDP to create a modern workplace destination that embraced their people first culture and to provide a foundation that focused on flexibility, wellbeing and functionality.

Employee wellbeing was at the forefront of our design decisions, focusing on giving the space all the amenities to meet the needs of the staff, whilst integrating natural sources of wellbeing in key areas; natural light, biophilia.

Having flexibility in the workplace is also a key focus, one which Browns embraced as part of the whole design journey. Separate zones for different work style and tasks were created; privacy pods, collaboration, client facing and quiet zones, tea points, creating a great working experience for the staff.

We are delighted that Brown’s Distribution have embraced their new Headquarters and have a workspace where their staff can truly call home.


“IDP has created an elegant, contemporary space that has strengthened our culture, attracted new work, and given us a foundation for an exciting future in a  workplace we can be proud of”

David Brown Jnr

Browns Distribution