Michelin embarked on a project to transform their workplace, aiming to create a modern, functional, and aesthetically pleasing open-plan office. Our focus centred around office productivity, collaboration, and relaxation while subtly reflecting the company’s rich industrial identity.

Transforming the space and open plan layout both encouraged interaction and collaboration among employees. To facilitate teamwork and creativity, various collaboration zones were integrated throughout the office. These included breakout areas with comfortable seating and meeting rooms equipped with state of art video conferencing tools. These zones provided employees with flexible spaces to work together on projects and share ideas. Also, workstations were strategically placed to optimise natural light and maintain a spacious feel. Adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs were introduced to enhance comfort and productivity.

Understanding the importance of work life balance, relaxation areas were thoughtfully incorporated.  These spaces were designed with soft lighting, natural elements, and comfortable furnishings to create a relaxing and inviting environment.

The refurbished office successfully blended modern functionality with aesthetic appeal, providing a vibrant, collaborative, and relaxing environment. The subtle integration of Michelin’s industrial identity added a unique touch, making the space a forward thinking workspace that employees embraced on their return.