The Orange Tree Bar and Grill is housed in a fusion between a Georgian listed building and a contemporary, architect designed, glass extension combining the best of old and new. The aim through interior design details was to create a high class, elegant and warm environment throughout bar and restaurant areas. The Orange Tree were keen for us to focus on both feature and detailed aspects of design to produce some unique and intriguing points of interest.

Whilst working with the features of the merged architectural styles careful consideration was given to softening spaces and surfaces. The introduction of some dramatic window and wall treatments, using sheer fabrics and textured wallpapers, provided a warm and stylish feel. Careful selection and application of materials such as cork wall coverings, a sustainable material, enabled better sound absorption aiding the acoustics of the entrance, bar and dining areas for customers.

A smooth synthesis of metallic details, natural finishes, subtle textures and a muted colour palette culminate to enhance secluded spaces and focal points. We brought identity to specific areas generating various zones through our creative window treatments, soft furnishings and accessories. The impact of lighting upon distinct surfaces, enhancing a luxurious feel, was purposefully thought out. Visitors can enjoy the flow of the overall bar and dining spaces whilst appreciating the different accents and attention to detail in each area.